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Company Background

Chef Monty Watson is the heart and soul of Chef's Catering. Chef Monty received his business background from St. Ambrose College. He then worked as a food supervisor/chef for Bishop's Buffet for twelve years and managed the Cedar Rapids, IA and Peoria, IL Bishop's Buffet during the last six years of his tenure there.

Chef Monty started his own business in 1990 and moved into his current catering facility, "The Caboose and Train Depot" in Washington, IL in 1997. The train contains two kitchens which allows Chef Monty to do multiple caterings at one time.

All of our food is made from scratch. We encourage customers to submit favorite recipes if they so desire. We do have access to recipes from all over the world which allow us to offer a wide variety of menu styles. Only fresh ingredients and spices are used in our recipes.

Chef's Catering employs anywhere from 1-25 people, depending upon the number and size of events.

Chef Monty

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide great tasting food at an affordable price that will greatly enhance the customer's event.

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